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Payment protection insurance (PPI) is commonly linked with personal loans, mortgages and credit cards but there is another culprit that affects many customers – but they don’t know it!...

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Reasons why PPI was Mis-sold to you

29 February, 2016

You cannot have failed to have heard about the wholescale mis-selling of an insurance product called payment protection insurance (PPI).…

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Making a Claim for Mis-sold PPI – Do you Have a Claim?

22 February, 2016

The PPI policy that was sold to David was expensive. …

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Thinking of Making a Claim for PPI Compensation?

15 February, 2016

6 facts that you need to know BEFORE you make your claim.…

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How do you Score When it Comes to PPI Compensation?

8 February, 2016

There is so much written about PPI that it is easy to think that you know everything about the subject but, there can be conflicting information about payment protection insurance.…

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Was PPI Suitable for you?

1 February, 2016

It does seem a logical argument – when you borrow money, you want to protect repayments and the lender wants to protect their money too. Payment protection insurance (PPI) was the product that did this… or so people thought.…

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PPI Mis-selling Scandal

25 January, 2016

Bitter accusations and recriminations - how the PPI mis-selling scandal open a very large can of worms.…

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Make 2016 the Year you Claim your PPI Compensation

18 January, 2016

By now, you will probably be aware that payment protection insurance (PPI) was a product that was mis-sold on a huge scale. With so many thousands of people affected, it has taken years for people to claim back their money. …

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Were you Mis-sold PPI?

11 January, 2016

Understanding if you were mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) policy can be confusing, especially when you consider there are many reasons why this may have been the case.…

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Put PPI Compensation on Your Resolution List!

4 January, 2016

There is one resolution that you could stick to and, should you do so, could bring you untold riches in the New Year - making a claim for mis-sold PPI.…

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Could I be due PPI Compensation?

28 December, 2015

This, and other questions, answered by the team at PPI Scotland.…

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