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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) consulted on the possibility of introducing a blanket PPI deadline that affects all claims. Whilst some people were against it, some people welcomed the idea. And some people think that the date needs to be brought closer....

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Do you Need Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)?

28 September, 2015

You will read a lot about PPI, and the type of policy it is, should you take only a few minutes to research it online. Some of it, is helpful information but some simply confuses the consumer.…

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PPI – What has Changed?

21 September, 2015

Payment protection insurance was mis-sold to thousands of customers and the chances are high that YOU are one of them.…

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Gain PPI Knowledge

16 September, 2015

If you are thinking of making a claim for compensation for a mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) policy, then you need to be armed with all the facts.…

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Your PPI Claim Explained

7 September, 2015

There is possibly no-one left who cannot heard of the most complained product in British banking history: payment protection insurance (PPI).…

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Debt and PPI Claims

31 August, 2015

Payment protection insurance (PPI) has hit the headlines over and over again in recent years.

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PPI Claims Reach Staggering New Heights

24 August, 2015

July 2015 and whilst most of us were enjoying the odd few days of summer, Lloyds Banking Group were once again making headlines. Beleaguered and battered by various scandals, the one that refuses to leave it, is the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI).…

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Claim Your Money Back! How to Make Sure Your Claim for PPI Compensation is Successful

17 August, 2015

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a policy that is meant to protect the repayments on debts to which it is secured. It sounds a great policy to have but, there were flaws in the way that it was sold.…

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Take the PPI quiz

10 August, 2015

Think you have a handle on the PPI crisis? Find out how much you know with our simple and quick quiz.…

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Key Questions About PPI

3 August, 2015

If you are thinking of making a claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI), then you are one of many thousands of people across the UK who are asking for their money back.…

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As PPI Pay Outs Slow Down, Could the High Street Suffer?

27 July, 2015

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is now infamous but, customers are enjoying compensation windfalls after being mis-sold the insurance product that should have made repayments on their account, if they were unable to do so.…

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