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Most payment protection insurance (PPI) claims submitted to banks and lenders are straightforward cases of customers being mis-sold the policy. But in recent years, there has been a growing nature of complexity about them, something noted by the Financial Ombudsman....

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PPI Compensation Claims 2018

8 January, 2018

Days into the New Year and our thoughts are turning to making changes for the better in our lives. From finding a new job to making those much-needed home improvements, there are all kinds of resolutions that we make as the year rolls in.…

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A Common PPI Myth – No Paperwork, No Claim

3 January, 2018

There are many myths about the payment protection insurance (PPI) mis-selling scandal. …

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Can PPI Claims be Made Easier?

27 December, 2017

The figure for compensation paid thus far to customers who have been mis-sold PPI are mind-boggling - £27 billion - but with the PPI deadline of August 2019 announced, this figure is set to climb even higher. PPI is now the most complained about financial product in the UK banking industry EVER.…

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Does PPI Compensation Mean Justice for Customers?

18 December, 2017

Payment protection insurance (PPI) was a product that was mis-sold on a scale that many people find hard to imagine. The current compensation bill is standing at £27 billion but with claims happening every day, this figure is set to continue to rise.…

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What Would You Spend Your PPI Compensation On?

11 December, 2017

At Scottish PPI Claims, we have helped and will continue to help people claim PPI compensation right up until the August 2019. …

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6 Facts About Claiming Compensation for Mis-sold PPI

4 December, 2017

Finding the whole process of claiming compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) confusing? Or maybe you think you won't be owed any money……

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Time Hop: Banks Pushing for PPI Cut-Off Date

27 November, 2017

Back in 2013, we blogged about banks pressuring the then banking regulator the Financial Services Authority, for a PPI deadline. The answer was a resounding no but four years later, the PPI deadline August 2019 was announced. What changed?…

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It’s Not Just PPI Premiums Being Refunded…

20 November, 2017

PPI compensation is paid to customers who were mis-sold the product. It's been a bumpy ride and just when you think the road to PPI compensation is smooth, another pot hole comes along.…

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PPI Complaints Starting to Soar - Again!

13 November, 2017

PPI complaints have remained at a steady pace after the initial surge when the compensation process started. …

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Is There a Right and Wrong Way to Claim PPI Compensation?

6 November, 2017

The FCA advertising campaign encouraging people to make a claim for PPI compensation has started. It is set to run up until the deadline of August 2019. We are often asked is there a right and wrong way to claim? Or, are there things that people can do to ensure success?…

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