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Are you making New Year resolutions for 2019?

03 December 2018

Will claiming compensation for mis-sold PPI be one of them BEFORE it comes to an end?

It is a tradition that stretches back thousands of years but making New Year resolutions was something that Babylonians began 4,000 years ago. Their new year, however, started in the month that we call March. Resolutions marked the end of winter and the coming of new life and food in the spring and summer.


It is a tradition common in the Western hemisphere, less so in the east but still, it is a custom that we have now come to view as fun. For many people, after the gluttony of the festive season, one resolution tends to be around food and making wiser choices. 

However, back in Babylonian times, resolutions were more about external events that could, to a certain extent, be controlled by people. Resolutions and promises were made to the king that meant that as a race of people, their food supply was kept fresh and hat nature was kept vibrant and alive.

Thus, it may be that to tend to fields, more people were needed and thus it was resolved that more people would do so.

Today, many of the resolutions that we hear of are internal to our own well-being. They affect us, and how we live our lives.

Do they all resolutions fail?

There is a lot of frivolity around modern-day New year resolutions and thus, as soon as we have uttered that no chocolate will pass our lips that we dive into the sweet tin.

There are, however, some resolutions that we can stick to and one is to take a hard look at whether PPI compensation could be due to us.

Every claim is different

There has been a blanket response, if you like, to the PPI mis-selling crisis. So much so that some people feel that they are not entitled to claim or that it is too good to be true - and that stuff like this happens to everyone else.

It also, in some cases, can take time, effort and research to make a claim for mis-sold compensation. Thus, making a PPI claim a New Year resolution is a step in the right direction:

  • Take time to dig out as much of the old paperwork relating to accounts as you can and check them for any kind of insurance policy that promises to make payments in the event that you are unable to do so.
  • Research whether you have a claim by calling Scottish PPI Claims and seeking advice from one of the leading reputable claim management companies.
  • August 29th 2019 is the last day you can make a PPI claim. After that, it will be too late.
  • If you have PPI, lodge your complaint for compensation and enjoy the fruits of your labour in 2019 and beyond.