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It is a question that will be asked of consumers in the coming months as the FCA release their promotional campaign to encourage people to claim PPI compensation before the August 2019 PPI deadline....

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PPI Claims are Being Cut Off

8 May, 2017

The announcement by the Financial Conduct Authority that the deadline for PPI claims is set for 29th August 2019 means that the writing is on the wall for PPI compensation claims. …

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PPI Compensation Deadline is Announced!

24 April, 2017

We said that we would bring the news as it came. And now that the date has been confirmed, Scottish PPI Claims understands that the final deadline date for all new PPI complaints is: 29th August 2019.…

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PPI Round Up

18 April, 2017

Everything you need to know about making a claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance in one easy-to0follow guide.…

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Your PPI Questions and Our Answers

12 April, 2017

There are so many questions relating to PPI but we never tire of helping people when it comes to claiming their money back.…

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How to Get the Best Help with PPI Compensation Claims

3 April, 2017

Many people seek help to make a claim for PPI compensation. They may turn to a reputable company such as Scottish PPI Claims for help.…

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How to Make Claiming PPI Compensation ‘Easier’?

30 March, 2017

Depending on what you read and where, there are various stories that imply claiming PPI compensation can be hard. Customers talk of facing issues with their bank and well as their refusal to pay out when they clearly have a claim.…

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Why is PPI Still a Big Deal?

20 March, 2017

Payment protection insurance (PPI) was a policy that mis-sold to thousands of people, possibly millions. Most major banks, building societies and lenders were involved in the biggest selling scam ever to have hit the British banking industry.…

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Can You Guess Who Will Get PPI Compensation?

13 March, 2017

It can be tough knowing who can claim PPI compensation and why, simply because there were so many reasons why PPI was mis-sold. …

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Billions Paid out in PPI Compensation! Billions More to Follow…

6 March, 2017

£24.2 billion and this figure is set to rise. PPI compensation has been a thorn in the side of banks and lenders for years but, with a PPI compensation deadline in the offing, could this figure rise even more?…

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Is the PPI Campaign Starting Soon?

27 February, 2017

The proposed deadline for PPI compensation claims is muted to be June 2019. As yet, there has been no official confirmation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).…

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