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It is a question that will be asked of consumers in the coming months as the FCA release their promotional campaign to encourage people to claim PPI compensation before the August 2019 PPI deadline....

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Take the PPI quiz

10 August, 2015

Think you have a handle on the PPI crisis? Find out how much you know with our simple and quick quiz.…

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Key Questions About PPI

3 August, 2015

If you are thinking of making a claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI), then you are one of many thousands of people across the UK who are asking for their money back.…

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As PPI Pay Outs Slow Down, Could the High Street Suffer?

27 July, 2015

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is now infamous but, customers are enjoying compensation windfalls after being mis-sold the insurance product that should have made repayments on their account, if they were unable to do so.…

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PPI Myths!

20 July, 2015

Can you spot fact from fiction, or does the whole compensation claims for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) still appear shrouded in mystery?…

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Have You Claimed PPI Compensation Yet?

13 July, 2015

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a financial product that is now infamous across the UK, with no one surely having failed to have heard about it, the banks and mis-selling.…

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Can PPI Scotland Help You?

6 July, 2015

Scottish PPI Claims are always working to ensure that people everything they need to about making a claim for compensation.…

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PPI Facts

22 June, 2015

With so many myths, facts and 'helpful' information circulating regarding making a claim, we thought we would set out some facts so that you know exactly what to do.…

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The problem with PPI…

15 June, 2015

Many people have been plagued by text message, emails and in some cases, mail too, that tell them they are not only entitled to claim compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) but also how much they could claim.…

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Can I Still Buy PPI?

8 June, 2015

Payment protection insurance (PPI) as a product has been hit hard by the mis-selling scandal and it seems that many people are still confused between the product and the way it was sold.…

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Banks WANT to put it right – why claiming PPI may be easy…

1 June, 2015

Banks WANT to put it right – why claiming PPI may not be so hard to do… news article of Scottish PPI CLaims…

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