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It is a question that will be asked of consumers in the coming months as the FCA release their promotional campaign to encourage people to claim PPI compensation before the August 2019 PPI deadline....

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I Keep Getting These Annoying PPI Letters…

5 January, 2015

I keep receiving these letters and forms in the post from people I have never heard of, telling me to fill it in and send it back to them as I am owed PPI compensation. If I haven’t heard of these firms, I can’t have had an account with them so surely they don’t owe me anything? -
What should I do?

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Is PPI Still A Valid Policy?

5 January, 2015

Payment protection insurance (PPI) as a policy has taken a real bashing in the UK in recent years and no surprise, being in the middle of the biggest banking scandal to have ever hit the UK banking industry.…

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PPI – The Mis-selling Saga That Refuses to go Away

15 December, 2014

PPI – The Mis-selling Saga That Refuses to go Away news item of Scottish PPI Claims.…

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PPI Cases to be Re-opened?

8 December, 2014

Do you have a PPI case that was either rejected or resolved in 2012 or 2013? If so, you may find your case re-opened by your bank or credit card provider after news that 2.5 million cases are being re-investigated……

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PPI – What Were you Told?

1 December, 2014

As part of the PPI compensation claim process, customers need to provide the bank, lender or financial institution with reasons as to why they are entitled to their money back, after paying for a PPI policy for years and years.…

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Why Claiming PPI Compensation is Important…

24 November, 2014

Why Claiming PPI Compensation is Important… news item of Scottish PPI Claims.…

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Can I Re-open an Old PPI Compensation Claim?

17 November, 2014

In recent months, we have seen more and more stories emerging in the press about complaints from customer regarding how their PPI cases were handled. …

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Claiming Back PPI Compensation – the ‘How to’ Guide!

10 November, 2014

Claiming compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) is not something that should present anyone with difficulties. The vast majority of people were mis-sold this expensive financial product but, what can present difficulties is ensuring that the amount of compensation you are offered is the right amount……

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Why are Some PPI Compensation Pay-Outs so BIG?

3 November, 2014

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a product that is now infamous, not so much the product itself but the way that banks, lenders and other financial institutions sold it to their customers.…

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PPI – How it Changed the British Banking Industry

27 October, 2014

Whichever way to choose to view it, the mis-selling of PPI has changed the way we do business with the banks...…

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