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It is a question that will be asked of consumers in the coming months as the FCA release their promotional campaign to encourage people to claim PPI compensation before the August 2019 PPI deadline....

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PPI and Cold-Calling

23 April, 2018

From texts to automated calls claiming you are entitled to thousands in PPI compensation, not all companies act with integrity when it comes to selling their services.…

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The BIG PPI Question

16 April, 2018

In this blog, we take a look at one of the BIG questions we are frequently asked by our customers. Using the latest information, we give examples of some situations we have come across. For information and advice specific to your case, call the team at Scottish PPI Claims. …

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PPI and Consumer Rights

9 April, 2018

If you were sold a product that you found didn’t work, what would you do?…

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WHY Make a PPI Compensation Claim?

4 April, 2018

The adverts are urging us to make a decision on whether to claim PPI compensation or not, reminding us that there is now a deadline. And this prompted us to ask the question - why claim PPI compensation?…

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PPI Deadline Date 2019 - Claiming PPI Compensation

26 March, 2018

With the deadline on its way, we thought it would be a great time to take another looking at how to claim PPI compensation.…

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How Were You Sold PPI?

19 March, 2018

So far, billions of pounds have been returned to customers. But with 60% of customers yet to make a claim for PPI compensation and a deadline looming, it is worth taking another looking at the five top reasons why PPI was mis-sold.…

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How PPI Has Changed the Face of British Banking

12 March, 2018

Whichever way to choose to view it, the mis-selling of PPI has changed the way we do business with the banks. Customers no longer feel safe in assuming that the bank has their best interest at heart. Loyalty and trust have been breached in the most unimaginable way possible.…

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The Rise of PPI Compensation Claims

5 March, 2018

The PPI deadline of August 2019 may seem a long way of but in reality, it isn’t. Some PPI claims are straightforward, meaning that customers have the money in their account within weeks. But for others, the road to PPI compensation success is a lot longer. And so, with this in mind, isn’t it time you claimed your money back?…

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PPI - Compensation & Deadlines

26 February, 2018

We are asked many questions about payment protection insurance (PPI) and how much money customers could potentially claim back. And so, we thought we would answer some of those questions here.…

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4 PPI Questions

19 February, 2018

Test your knowledge of PPI with Scottish PPI Claims' ultimate quiz. You'll be amazed at how much you know but there might be a few surprises too……

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