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Billions Paid out in PPI Compensation! Billions More to Follow…

06 March 2017

£24.2 billion and this figure is set to rise. PPI compensation has been a thorn in the side of banks and lenders for years but, with a PPI compensation deadline in the offing, could this figure rise even more?

The Rise of PPI Compensation

In essence, the answer is yes, the PPI compensation bill is set to rise higher than its current total of £24.2 billion. And here is what you need to know;

ALL Banks, Building Societies, Financial Companies, Credit Card providers etc. HAVE BEEN AFFECTED

Only a few years ago, Santander were telling their customers and the regulator that they were adding a few more millions to their PPI compensation fund but expected it to be their last input of cash.

And yet, Santander, along with all other major high street banks and lenders, are still swamped with PPI compensation claims. And with the deadline of June 2019 proposed, they may be adding more their compensation pots.

Bank Do Know Who They Sold PPI Policies Too

The Financial Conducts Authority (FCA) along with heavyweight consumer groups such as 'Which?' claim that banks and lenders do know who has a PPI policy.

Banks were told to write to customers during 2013 and encourage them to make a claim, all in an effort to speed up the process of PPI compensation.

If you had a credit card or loan etc. your bank will know if you have PPI or not. And when you ask, they should tell you.

There IS Billions More to Be Paid Out in PPI Compensation

Many spectators and critics were surprised at the FCA consulting on a PPI deadline. This is because it is thought that around half of the people with a PPI compensation claim have actually made got their money back.

That leaves thousands, if not millions of customers with potential claims for PPI compensation. If all these people do claim it could be tough for banks and lenders to process their claims within the two-year deadline countdown.

You Can Make a Claim with Scottish PPI Claims

We have helped thousands of people claim their money back after being duped into buying a PPI policy.

We charge a fee for our service but, we work on your claim until you have the compensation to which you are entitled. And this means following your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service if needed.

Most claims are straightforward, although some can be a little more complex. If you believe you were mis-sold PPI, find the policy and then contact us - and let us get you your money back!