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Can PPI Claims be Made Easier?

27 December 2017

The figure for compensation paid thus far to customers who have been mis-sold PPI are mind-boggling - £27 billion - but with the PPI deadline of August 2019 announced, this figure is set to climb even higher. PPI is now the most complained about financial product in the UK banking industry EVER.

We are often asked, how easy is it to claim back PPI compensation? In most cases, claiming it back is relatively straightforward although there are other cases that takes more effort to resolve.

Here at PPI Scotland we find that following these steps will make it easier for you to make a successful PPI compensation claim;

1. Check all your accounts for PPI

This is key in making a claim for compensation.If you do NOT have PPI on any of your products, then you cannot make a claim.


  • Loans and credit cards were the main products on which PPI was added alongside. Check all your documentation thoroughly
  • PPI may not be listed as PPI or be immediately obvious.
  • PPI is a generic term for an insurance policy that protected repayments on the debt in the event you were unable to keep up repayments - it could be called card care as well as a variety of other names.

2. Still not sure?

You can get proof of PPI by asking your bank or lender for details. You are entitled to this information and in most cases, they shouldn't charge you a fee. Most banks and lenders are now actively trying to put right the PPI debacle.

3.   Contact Scottish PPI Claims and talk through options

We are a successful and trusted claim management company specialising in helping people make compensation claims. Customers need to prove they were mis-sold PPI as part of their loan etc. and we can help you do this.

There are many reasons for mis-selling and we can talk through these with you, making sure the letter of complaint states this clearly.

We do charge a fee for our service; for further details check our terms and conditions.

4.   Fill in and return the pack

In order for us to act on your behalf, we need not only your consent to proceed and;

  • We also need as much detail as possible - this includes details of ALL accounts with PPI
  • We compile the letter of complaint which we then send on to your lender(s).
  • Each account will represent a separate letter of complaint (our terms and conditions for full details).

5. Stay in touch with Scottish PPI Claims

We will track the progress of your case(s) and keep you informed of any developments.

Whatever you decide, we are a professional company with your interests are heart and we can help you make a successful PPI compensation claim.