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Claim Your Money Back! How to Make Sure Your Claim for PPI Compensation is Successful

17 August 2015

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a policy that is meant to protect the repayments on debts to which it is secured. It sounds a great policy to have but, there were flaws in the way that it was sold.

This now means that the thousands of customers that were affected, can now claim their money back but, if you are yet to claim you may be wondering how you can ensure your claim is successful…

  • Get your claim assessed - Payment Protection Scotland work with clients on a daily basis to make compensation claims for mis-sold PPI. We have a quick and easy way to assess a claim that consists of a few questions. If your claim appears to have all the success criteria present, then we go ahead and look in to the detail of your claim. Your claim could be successfully resolved within months.
  • Being confident - many claims centre on the ability confidently state your case and this all starts with knowing that you have PPI policies on your accounts. PPI was a policy that was sold to 'protect' individual debts and so, you could have a policy of each of your credit cards, a personal loan, catalogue accounts, store cards, car finance and so on.
  • The mis-selling reason or reasons- there are many reasons why some PPI policies are constituted as being mis-sold to customers. Here are just a few reasons:
    • You were economically inactive at the time - for example, unemployed, self-employed or retired. PPI relates to income and these three groups of people are deemed to have a difference income revenue than that covered by the PPI policy.
    • You were given the impression it would help secure the loan- many people were told or it was surmised by customers that their application would more likely succeed with this type of protective insurance policy.
    • It was compulsory - others were told outright that it was a must-have in order to have the loan!
    • It was an advised sale… but you can't remember or don't know why- other customers were advised to buy the policy but, if this is the case, you must have been given clear reasons why it was right for you.
    • It is on your account but how did it get there? - if you are asking yourself this question, then this is a mis-selling as many people were unaware that they even had the policy…

Claim your PPI compensation with Payment Protection Scotland - call today for a prompt assessment of your claim.