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Do you Have Questions About PPI?

02 February 2015

The likelihood is you do and here, we have collated some of the questions we are commonly asked…

Is every PPI policy 'bad'?

The problem with the whole mis-selling of payment protection insurance is that people have blamed the policy itself, forgetting that it is the way that the policy was sole that was the problem. Overall, the PPI policy itself is not at issue here.

What underlies the selling of PPI to customers which meant it spiralled out of control, was the fact that staff were heavily incentivised to reach targets and goals; money is a great motivator for many people and, in the case of PPI, having your salary swollen by the addition of a hefty commission payment was most welcome.

When it comes to claiming back PPI, you really need to be asking yourself the question 'do I need this policy?' If you don't think you do, you should cancel it immediately and, if you think the policy was mis-sold to you, then start a claim for compensation.

Which of my accounts and products should be looking for PPI on?

PPI was a product that was attached to many financial products but, the most common were loans and credit cards.

However, there are many other financial products you should check:

  • Mortgage
  • Secured (usually against property) and unsecured loans (also known as personal loans)
  • Store cards
  • Catalogue accounts
  • Monthly paid insurances
  • And, in the case of Barclays, PPI was sometimes added to agreed overdrafts too

Why was PPI mis-sold to such an extent, without anyone noticing?

There were a combination of factors.

As customers, we place a large amount of trust in banks; in some cases, people have banked with the same bank for decades and may hold many accounts with them - why would they think that their bank would possibly want to sell them a policy that was useless?!

Staff in many cases, were under pressure to meet targets and the pressure was such that they may have stretched the truth somewhat, to make a sale. Likewise, the thought of making large amounts of money was also an encouragement.

When did the mis-sale of PPI policies start?

It is hard to pin it down to an exact date but many consumer organisations were complaining about PPI as far back as 2000. Many claims for compensation for mis-sold PPI date back to policies sold in the 1990s and, in rare cases, before then. Significant improvement was not seen until 2011.

Can PPI Scotland help me?


Yes we can; the first step we take is to check if you have PPI on any of your accounts and then, if you have and we believe that you were mis-sold the policy we can help you claim back every single penny.