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Have You Made a Decision?

11 September 2017

Making a PPI claim is something that some of us have done but with more than half of those thought to have a PPI claim yet to do so, are you one of the many thousands of customers still deciding whether to make a claim or not?


By When?

There is a PPI compensation deadline - after 29th August 2019 you will not be able to make a claim for mis-sold PPI.

That's two years away…!

Yes, we know but you know how time has a habit of flying away. And the problem is that leaving it till the last minute could mean you miss the boat when it comes to claiming back your money.

How so?

Banks have to respond to claims within so many weeks and even though technically you could put your claim in on 29th August 2019, if you need to find more paperwork etc., you could be in the nightmare scenario of arguing with your bank about when you put your claim in.

Also, there could be a surge in claims in the coming months and thus we suggest putting your claim in now.

It's all too complicated…

No, it isn't. What does confuse people., however, is that they think they need all the paperwork and original documentation in order to make a claim. Whilst this can make it easier, lost paperwork is not a barrier to making a claim for PPI compensation.

So, how does the bank or lender know to pay me compensation?!

Living in the digital age, banks and lenders have kept basic information on their computer systems for longer than the six years they have to in paper format. In other words, the banks have a digital record of who has taken out a loan etc. with them and whether PPI was added to it or not.

And consumer law is on your side. You can ask your bank or lender for information relating to your accounts at any time, and whether PPI was on it or not - and they are duty bound to give you thin information.

If I have PPI, I have a claim. Sounds a bit too simple…

Anyone who discovers a PPI policy on their accounts should make a claim, telling the bank why they think the policy was either not right for them or how they believed they were mis-sold it.

Although most PPI claims are successful, there are rare occasions that PPI was the right policy for the customer. That said, PPI was a flawed product and that way in which it was sold was also flawed.

If you have PPI, have you made a decision about claiming your money back? Why not talk to us to find out how we can help?