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19 December 2016

There are so many adverts on TV, so many texts you have possibly received and so many pop-up internet adverts of all which tell you one thing: how easy and simple it is to claim PPI compensation.

But, if you don't know where to start or what to look for, this 'simple' PPI compensation suddenly becomes too daunting a task to take on.

At PPI Scotland, we understand this which is why we constantly strive to ensure that everyone with a claim for mis-sold PPI compensation has the information and the help to make a claim.

WHAT are you looking for?

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a policy that said in the event you were unable to make repayments on a loan because you became too ill to work or lost your job, would do so on your behalf.

When you examine all the paperwork, documents and statements for your loan etc., look for a policy that may be there that promises this kind of action.

Is it a separate product?

In some cases, PPI was sold alongside a loan which means it may be listed as a separate product. This means you should look for separate premium payments.

However, there are also cases where PPI was sold as part of a 'package' and may not be immediately obvious as a separate product. It may also be that your monthly premium was also rolled into the overall amount you paid each month.

You may have received statements from time to time, and PPI could be listed on theses, documenting how much your policy was each year and how much you had paid.

Do you have an Insurance schedule or terms and conditions?

Like other insurance products, you may have been sent the policy particulars for PPI.

This is the long - and boring! - small print that insurers send alongside a certificate or something similar. It details what is and what it not included under the terms of the policy.

If you signed up for a loan online, or opened a credit card account online, you may not have a paper copy of this. If you have an online account, you may find the details relating to PPI that you are looking for.

Is there such a thing as an automatic PPI refund?

NO there is not. PPI was a policy that was sold to thousands of people - sometimes more than once - and although the vast majority were mis-sold it, there are some cases where it was an appropriate product and, it was sold in the correct way.

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