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How to Choose a Claim Management Company

26 October 2015

Claim management companies have been around for a long time, although some people have not heard of them prior to the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI).

Opinion is divided when it comes to their usefulness or whether they make a simple situation more difficult and costly for people. But, there is no doubt that some people have found the professional services of a claim management company in the recent PPI saga very helpful indeed.

Concerns over fees

Claim management companies offer a professional service and as such, charge a fee for their services. Some claim management companies hide these fees but the more professional and reputable ones are far more transparent about their fee structure.

Many for example, charge a flat fee - in other words, they charge a % of the final settlement amount that you receive in compensation. This is similar to personal injury solicitors, and other legal services.

Top tip - always ask about the fee structure before you commit to working with a claim management company.

No win, no fee

Many companies advertise their services as no win, no fee. Again, this is a phrase that you will have seen in relation to personal injury lawyers too.

Effectively, this means that the company are taking on the financial risk themselves, and not the consumer. It does not mean that you do not pay any money if you either win or lose you case. There will be a referral fee. This is the flat fee that most companies charge, such as 20% of the final compensation amount you receive.


Many claim management companies have indulged in aggressive marketing campaigns that has included texting and emailing people with erroneous information. Some have also taken part on aggressive phone calling too, also known as cold calling, although this is tactic by no means limited to claim management companies.

That said, many reputable companies have marked and advertised their services in the normal ways, via pay per click online adverts or promotional campaigns in the press. By doing this, they have invited people to contact them to discuss their potential claims.

Even better, many companies have offered this advice with no obligation placed on the person to make a claim.

Can Scottish PPI Claims help you?

As a claim management company, we have already successfully helped thousands of people to make compensation claims for mis-sold PPI. If you think you have a claim, and would like to know more, why not contact Scottish PPI Claims?