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Is There a PPI 2018 Deadline?

16 May 2016

There are many facts and falsities that swirl about regarding payment protection insurance (PPI) and how or when you can claim (or when you can't!). With the possibility of a PPI deadline, it pays to know all the facts about making a claim.

Is there a deadline?

There has been talk recently by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) about imposing a deadline so that a line can be drawn under the PPI scandal. This saga has been devastating to the banks and lenders - all of which was their own doing, of course - and has severely dented customer confidence and trust in the banking industry.

With this in mind, the FCA want to now pull the curtain across the whole sorry episode but without the customer missing out.

Even though the PPI 2018 deadline has been talked about as yet, there has been no firm date set and no announcement made. Rest assured that when the decision is made, Scottish PPI Claims will ensure that all customers are aware of this date.

What should I do know?

If you think you have a claim for PPI compensation, we strongly advise that you start to make your claim now. We may be nearly two years away from the proposed deadline date but, banks and lenders expect there to be a huge surge and influx of claims when the date is announced.

What else will the PPI 2018 deadline mean?

The FCA has announced that although it is still consulting on the actual deadline date, there will be a comprehensive marketing and promotional drive relating to the deadline.

Many of the consumer groups have raised concerns that some people could still miss out on their compensation for a number of reasons.

One is consumer apathy brought about by the scandal being around for so long and the other being the 'too good to be true' way of thinking. We are often told to be cautious of something that seems simply too good and in the case of PPI, with so many stories of people claiming thousands and thousands of pounds back in compensation, it can seem like something that only ever happens to other people.

Can Scottish PPI Claims help me make a claim for PPI compensation before the 2018 PPI deadline?

Yes, we can and we think that the best time to start your claim is NOW!

All you need to do is call us and after thoroughly assessing your potential claim, we will let you know if we can take your case forward. Start your claim today by calling Scottish PPI Claims.