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04 September 2017

With the announcement that the August 2019 PPI deadline is set, the advert to convince the nation to make a claim for PPI compensation has begun.


Will it work? Will people take a look if they are entitled to make a claim or not? Only time will tell but the adverts should at least pique people's interest to look further into PPI and how it applies to them…

… because if you had a loan, credit card etc. from the mid-1990s to 2010, you are likely to have been a victim of mis-sold PPI

It seems strange to think, especially as you were always so diligent in checking paperwork and documents, that the bank could have mis-sold you something as big as an insurance policy. But they did.

And you weren't the only one. 64 million policies were sold with the real bill, say some experts, expected to top £100 billion. Thus, you can see how important it is you check if you have PPI and make a claim.

… because even if you agreed to it, PPI could still have been mis-sold to you

People find this difficult to understand but, there are cases where people agreed to buy PPI but were still mis-sold it. It may be because the terms and conditions, along with significant exclusions were not explained to you. Or, as in a recent case, the amount of commission being paid was not disclosed.

If you knew that over 50% of what you paid for PPI was in commission to the person or firm who sold it to you, you probably would have asked some serious questions about the policy. But these big commission payments were not disclosed and now, after a court ruling a few years ago, you can get this money back too.

… because 60% of people are yet to make a claim

Predictions vary with banks telling us that the majority of their customers have made claims and they don't expect many more PPI compensation claims and yet, they are bracing themselves for a flood of claims as a result of the PPI deadline advert.

Who is right? It is a commonly held view that there is a large amount of compensation yet to be claimed. And it is hoped that over the next two years prior to the PPI deadline that people will make the decision to claim their money back.

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