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21 November 2016

Claiming compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) is not difficult… when you know how.

With the internet and press full of the PPI June 2019 deadline, it is easy to panic and assume that you have an uphill struggle to claim back your money.

Payment Protection Scotland are expert claim management claims specialists, with banks and lenders who mis-sold PPI firmly in their sights. We can help you claim your money back and here's how we do it;

#1 Find PPI

If you have the paperwork, documentation or statements relating to your credit accounts, you may find that PPI is lurking on that. You may also have been sent a letter from your bank or lender in the past, informing you that PPI had been added to your account and so on.

You need to know on which accounts you have PPI.

WHERE shall I look?

Any account that provided credit and from any source. Most accounts are provided by major banks and lenders but through subsidiary companies.

Check: car finances, store cards, credit cards, bank loans both secured and unsecured, mortgages including second mortgages and any other account in which you borrowed money.

#2 Mis-selling

PPI was mis-sold for many reasons from customers not being aware they had 'bought' the product to being given the impression that they should buy it because they were more likely to get the loan or credit card etc.

Borrowing money is an emotional decision - if we didn't need to, we wouldn't borrow money to repair the family car, make improvements on our home, replace the faulty washing machine and so on - which led to some people not understanding that they didn't need to buy PPI. And the banks were wrong to take advantage.

#3 Submit your complaint

Once we have the details of PPI and why you think it was mis-sold to you, we go ahead and submit your complaint to the bank or lender.

We do this via letter, although some banks and lenders have online facilities with which to lodge complaints.

We will keep in touch with you to notify you of your progress. The bank or lender may contact you direct and we will also need this information too, as we are acting on your behalf.

#4 Checking the offer

Banks and lenders will consider a variety of factors when calculating how much compensation is due to you. It is part of our service to thoroughly check any compensation offers of settlements that banks and lenders make.

Why not let Scottish PPI Claims make your claim on your behalf?