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PPI – what you must do TODAY

09 October 2017

Everywhere you turn, there seems to be some form of advice about what you MUST do, what you SHOULD do and also what you MUST NOT do when it comes to claiming PPI compensation.

Are you clear on how to claim PPI compensation?

Today is the Day

Time IS running

The PPI deadline has been set; 29 August 2019. You may think that is some time away but with more than 60% of customers yet to claim PPI compensation, you could be joining a very long queue to get your money back.


  • List all the loans, credit cards, car finance, catalogue accounts etc. that you had from the mid-1990s onwards
  • List who these accounts were with
  • Either look online for help in finding out more or call the team at PPI Scotland

Could you be entitled to MORE PPI compensation?

The findings of the Plevin case has now been applied to banks and lenders and this means that if the commission paid on the sale of PPI was more than 50% of its costs and you were not made aware, this too counts as mis-selling.

This means you could be entitled to more money back, aside from the compensation you received for PPI being mis-sold to you in the first place.

You MUST prove that you were mis-sold PPI

Anyone looking to make a claim for mis-sold PPI must show or prove that they were mis-sold the policy in the first place. There are many reasons why you may have been mid-sold the policy including;

  • not knowing you even had it
  • You may also have felt that you were given the impression it was also compulsory
  • Or, if you didn't take out the policy that the chances of your loan request being approved were slimmer…
  • You were under 18 or over 65 years of age when it was sold to you
  • You were self-employed

There are many reasons, and you do not need to just use one!

Scottish PPI Claims is a leading claim management company when it comes to making PPI compensation claims…

We have helped thousands of people to successfully claim back their cash. We look forward to helping thousands more customers to get back every single penny they are entitled to before the PPI deadline of 29 August 2019.

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We have built a solid reputation for being honest and genuine - if you don't have a claim, we will tell you! But if you do, we will work with you until the moment your PPI compensation cheque arrives!