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PPI and Catalogues 2019

17 June 2019

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is commonly linked with personal loans, mortgages and credit cards but there is another culprit that affects many customers - but they don't know it!


Catalogues provided many families with the essentials and allowed them to make weekly or monthly payments to spread the cost. It was a credit agreement that customers took out with the catalogue company or the financial company that was backing the credit terms.

Some offered great interest rates, which is why they were so popular. There were various offers such 0% for the first six months and so on.

It is no wonder that with the household budget under pressure in the age of austerity after the 2008 recession that more and more families turned to catalogues to be able to afford the basics, including clothes and shoes.

But there was a problem… PPI.

What did PPI mean on a catalogue account?

PPI was sold alongside all kinds of catalogue accounts, provided through popular and well-known catalogues.

It was an insurance policy that covered your repayments in the event that you were unable to. This may have been because you became too ill to work or were made redundant.

Or that is what you would have thought. PPI was a flawed product but more importantly, the way in which it was sold was flawed.

In some, but not all cases, PPI was added to catalogue accounts without the customer's permission or knowledge. This happened in two ways:

i. It was added by the financial company and catalogue company, followed by a letter (but not always) addressed to you, telling you what a great product and service you were receiving…

ii. If you applied for a credit account online with a catalogue, the PPI box was already ticked and at the bottom of a long set of fine print. Unless you looked, you would not have seen it.

What happens now?

The Financial Conduct Authority has announced a deadline of the end of August 2019 for PPI compensation claims which is now weeks away.

If you have a catalogue account - or more than one - a store card, a credit card, a loan or mortgage at any time in the last few years, you need to try and find the paperwork because lurking in the small print is PPI, in most cases.

And in many cases, the claim for compensation after being mis-sold PPI is upheld and that means you get your money back.

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