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PPI and Cold-Calling

23 April 2018

From texts to automated calls claiming you are entitled to thousands in PPI compensation, not all companies act with integrity when it comes to selling their services.

Cold Calling

We take a look at what you need to bear in mind should a company contact you via phone, email or text and declares you have a case to claim PPI compensation.

YES, you may have a claim. And here's why:

The scale of mis-selling is unlike anything that the British banking industry has ever seen, or the industry regulators and consumer organisations.

For this reason, consumer groups are still telling customers thatthey are likely to have been mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) if they had a loan, credit card, car finance, store cards or any kind of credit package from lenders and banks.

It is a mis-selling saga that affectsall bank and lenders, not just a few, although some larger banks have a bigger issue that some of the smaller financial business but, there were all virtually involved in mis-selling PPI to their customers.

It also lasted for a very long time, in fact, consumer organisation raised concerns regarding the selling practices behind PPI back in the mid-1990s. But, it wasn't until we hit the 21st Century that all the necessary legal reviews had taken place that confirmed the mis-selling of PPI to thousands and thousands of customers had actually happened.

You may know, or you may think you know that you were not mis-sold PPI. BUT, how did you 'buy' your loan or credit card? Was it online? In these cases, the box 'I would like PPI' was already ticked on your behalf and so you opted for something you may not have really needed.

You may not actually know you had PPI as, in many cases, not only was it added later but you were not asked or told you had it. You may have noticed an increase in your monthly payment, but not realised it was for this type of policy.It's worth taking a second look.

There is a PPI deadline in place. You need to make a decision and make your claim by 29th August 2019. Or you could miss out.

NO… why?

Any firm that contacts you to say you have a claim are NOT in possession of all the facts.

  • No company can access your information, especially financial record, without your permission.
  • The PPI mis-selling saga is known to have affected thousands of people and thus, any claim management company who contacts you is taking an educated guess' that you will be affected.
  • If they guarantee or promise that they CAN get you PPI compensation BEFORE they know the facts, then these firms are best avoided; only once they know the full facts and your story can they know if you have a claim
  • There is nothing wrong with a claim management company contacting you to market themselves as the company who can help you get your money back, but rash promises will lead nowhere
  • Any company who also asks for money upfront or a deposit to secure their services are also best avoided; the majority of professional claim management companies work on a no win, no fee basis… in other words, you pay them nothing until they win your case!
  • You can make a claim yourself or if you want help, turn to a reputable company with a proven track record - like Scottish PPI Claims.