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PPI and Consumer Rights

09 April 2018

If you were sold a product that you found didn't work, what would you do?

  1. Do nothing - it was only cheap, and you'll just get another
  2. Take the product back and ask for your money back
  3. Post a status to your social media account bemoaning how you have been hard done to again!

Hopefully, you would exercise your consumer rights and take it back. You would tell the company or shop owner that the product is broken and not fit for purpose and, as such, you are entitled to your money back?

Consumer Rights

Why is claiming your money back for being mis-sold PPI any different?

HINT: it isn't!

If you were forced to buy a product, how would you feel?

This is what happened in thousands of cases when it came to payment protection insurance (PPI). Customers were either pressured into buying or given the impression that by 'opting' for PPI on their loan, mortgage, car finance package, catalogue account, store card etc. that their application for finance was more likely to be accepted.

The representative may have said something along the lines of that by 'taking care the loan, by insuring it against potential future problems' that you would be making yourself look more responsible and 'safe'. Sound familiar?

But if you entered a supermarket and were forced to by tomatoes when you didn't want tomatoes - and at an inflated price too even though you knew they were cheaper at the next-door shop -0 how would you feel? Would you complain…?

Shopping around

If you are looking to make a purchase, whether that is a new car or an electric toothbrush, with the power of the Internet you can research which product is best and compare prices. You probably do this with all kinds of insurance from car to home insurance.

 But this was 'not allowed' to happen when it came to PPI compensation.

The bank or lender may have explicitly told the customer they had to buy their own brand of PPI when in fact, this is not the case.

The bank can insist you have some form of insurance, but they cannot insist you buy theirs, and theirs alone.

Just add it on anyway

Imagine this: you are shopping at the local supermarket and your chosen items are on the conveyer belt but as the items are scanned, the cashier adds other items as the store has a new policy of simply adding these items to your shopping… without asking you! Would you let this happen?!

The likelihood is not but this happened to thousands of customers, just like you, with an expensive product called PPI - now is the time to flex you consumer muscles and get your money back.