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PPI Compensation – does it really apply to me?

07 May 2018

The whole payment protection insurance (PPI) mis-selling debacle has posed many problems for banks, lender and building societies but, there is a danger with this.

Win Win


And this is why the Financial Conduct Authority has launched a multi-million-pound advertising campaign to alert customers to the fact that unless they make a decision soon about claiming PPI compensation, the PPI deadline August 2019 will have passed.

Are you suffering from complacency? Do you think the PPI mis-selling scandal doesn't affect you?

What you MUST do NOW…

…check documents, paperwork, statements and any other papers for a policy that promises/guarantees/suggests that it will make repayments on your loan etc. if you are unable to do so due to illness, unemployment etc.

BUT, you need to be aware that it may not be called PPI…

PPI or payment protection insurance is the generic term, meaning that they called their policies by a different name. Some companies called their PPI policies 'card care' for example. If you are not sure, rather than let the opportunity of claiming your money back from your bank, contact Scottish PPI Claims.

Once you have found your documents, what then?

You have three choices:

  1. Do nothing and let the possibility of never seeing your money again slip by - you have until 29.08.2019 to make a claim
  2. Start to make a complaint yourself to your bank or lender - you do this by writing a letter (templates are available online across the web), telling them why you believe you were mis-sold the PPI policy on the first place
  3. You can enlist the help of PPI Scotland to do this on your behalf - we charge a fee for this service (*check our website for full details)

Why get help from Scottish PPI Claims?

Many customers use our service simply because they are too busy to write letters as many of us have more than one claim.

For example, some customers have a personal loan and credit cards, they may also find that you have some kind of PPI policy on your mortgage. If this is the case, PPI Scotland can help you in the circumstance where there are multiple PPI claims to be made.

We can write all the letters, with valid reasons as to why they must refund your PPI money. We chase the banks and lenders if there has been no response and we can also check any offers made, matching them to our figures.

We have also helped many customers make claims for compensation when they think their financial affairs are less than straightforward. For example, people with debt may find it difficult to deal with financial institutions.

If you would like help, why not contact us for a no-obligation chat?