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PPI - Did you need or want it?

07 May 2015

Are you thinking of claim compensation for mis-sold PPI?

If you are, you may decide you want to know more or need some help with the process. Although some articles and press attention give claim management companies a bad name, there are many excellent ones out there - and Scottish PPI Claims is one of the leading, highly reputable claim handling company.

Scottish PPI Claims

We have a very high success rate in helping people claim compensation for mis-sold PPI and this is because we work with all our clients, using a thorough assessment process, to understand if the client has a case or not.

How to test the water - do you have a PPI compensation claim?

Even though PPI was mis-sold to thousands upon thousands of customers, this does not mean that everyone is entitled to make a claim as, the product may not have been mis-sold to every customer.

However, having run that note of caution, it does have to be said that, in the vast majority of cases, people are entitled to make a claim.

How were you sold PPI?

  • Can't remember?- this is not necessarily a bad thing as this could mean that you were unaware that you had been 'sold' the policy but it certainly means that the policy, and what it could and could not offer you,was not adequately explained
  • Impressions- in some cases, customers have a vague recollection of being sold the policy but that it was almost anautomatic purchasethat went with the product they were buying. Other customers were given the impression that they had to buy it or, for their loan application etc. to stand a better chance of being approved, that they needed this PPI policy
  • Explanations- in many cases, people did not have the policy explained to them and one area that many people did not realise was a problem was that any current or past medical conditions were unlikely to have been covered under the policy
  • One or two? - in some cases, the loan was in the names of two people as commonly happens in partnerships and marriages BUT, the PPI policy covered only one spouse and, would you know it, when or if someone tried to claim, the policy covered the other spouse…

How do I make a claim?

You can do this in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Contact the bank direct, tell them you were mis-sold the policy and that you want compensation
  2. You can ask Scottish PPI Claims to become involved (we do charge a fee for our service) and we can do it all for you… all it takes is a phone call.