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PPI - Make a Decision!

18 June 2018

The PPI deadline 2019 is looming and it seems that customers are taking action and claiming PPI compensation. But if you have yet to make a claim, you need to decide NOW - will you claim your money back or let the chance pass you by?


There are many reasons why PPI was mis-sold to people from the 'your application will be viewed more favourably if you buy this insurance' to ' it really is the best product for you…'.

But there are still people who think the whole PPI mis-selling saga does not affect them;

I wouldn't get caught out

This is a common misconception but being mid-sold a financial product like PPI is certainly not a reflection of you.

Some people are of the opinion that we, as customers, have a responsibility to check things out and do our research beforehand.

For example, knowing that you do not have to buy another product alongside the main product is one consumer fact - people are aware of this now, thanks to the PPI mis-selling scandal.

But, when you are desperate for the mortgage to buy your first home or applying for a loan to fix the boiler and invest in a new roof, you would have done anything to secure the cash, including buy an insurance product that meant you were more likely to get the loan, or so your thought.  

I know I don't have it

Again, we've heard this many times but then customers checked again and spotted something suspicious lurking amongst the finer print.

Anything that refers to insurance, a policy or product that said it would make repayments in the event that you couldn't is PPI!

PPI is a generic name - in other words, it could be called anything from 'loan care' to 'card care' and a whole list of other names.

PPI - nope, no one mentioned that

Yes this may be true. PPI was added, in many cases, to accounts and loans after the main product had been successfully sold to you.

In other words, a few weeks or months later you may have received a marketing letter or call in some cases, telling you about a great insurance product. It would cover your repayments and wouldn't that be great for giving you peace of mind and so on.

With such a great deal, why would you not opt for it? Except they didn't tell you that you wouldn't be covered by it. And neither did they mention that they already knew this when they made the sales call.

Sound familiar?!

"I did applied for my loan/credit card online. I wasn't sold anything"

YES you were because right at the very bottom of the pages and pages of small print was a tiny box, already ticked meaning you were automatically enrolled in the PPI policy. This practice has stopped now stopped.

Still think you haven't a claim for PPI compensation?