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Seeking PPI compensation – what you need to know

23 January 2017

It was sold on a scale that is hard to imagine.

You trusted your bank to do the right by you. But they took advantage and mis-sold the policy to people who would never be able to make a claim for compensation. Why? Because the policy did not cover them.

PPI was not a fantastic insurance policy

It was a poor example of an insurance policy too. It was expensive and poor value for money. People paid large monthly premiums for a policy that just about covered the basics - but only if you were in the minority group that was covered by this policy.

Seek compensation, seek justice

You may think this 'good news story' belong to everyone else.

There are stories of major PPI compensation claim successes, such as a self-employed business woman who received £84,000 in compensation or a couple receiving £27,000 from a PPI policy mis-sold to them via their mortgage product. There are many more fabulous stories and we want to add yours to the growing list of people who successfully claim PPI compensation.

Average PPI pay-out

The average payment calculated by dividing the value of the all the PPI policies sold by the number of customers affected gives an average total of £2,750.

You may get much more than this, or you may get less.

Putting you back to the financial position you would have been in

Compensation is something that many people seek for all kinds of reasons.

The idea behind compensation claim is that any settlement offered should be fair and put you back to the financial position you would have been in had you not been sold PPI.

This means that included in the settlement should be the premiums you made to the bank or lender each month, any additional fees or costs that may have been incurred by the addition of PPI to your account and interest at a rate of 8%.

Now do you see the value of making a claim for mis-sold PPI?

Do you have a claim?

You may be unsure if you have a claim for PPI compensation. Our team will be happy to help. Call us now for an informal discussion and, if you have a claim, what the next steps with Scottish PPI Claims will be.

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