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30 May 2016

Have you ever wondered what is really involved in making a claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI)? Do you think you may be entitled to make a claim but not sure how to go about it? Do you not feel comfortable dealing with banks or lenders?

What a claim management company does?

As a claim management company, we specialise in helping people claim their money back after being mis-sold PPI. We are, as a result very experienced and expert at getting your money back. This is because we assess your claim before we start asking lenders and banks for your money back - this way, you can be confident you know you are right!

How much does this cost?

As a professional company offering a high quality service, we do charge a fee. Some claim management companies have been criticised for charging extortionately high fees. At Scottish PPI Claims this is not the case. For our latest fee structure, call us to find out more.

Why use a claim management company?

Not everyone wants to deal with banks or lenders. Some people don't have time to chase their claim or claims. Some people feel their case is too complex to handle by themselves but for other people, it is simply their preference.

How much can I claim back?

Some people think that they are owed thousands but are disappointed to find that the final pay out is significantly less. This is because there are all kinds of figures talked about in the media and so on. These 'average pay outs' are calculated in all kinds of ways.

How much you get back will depend on your personal circumstances such as, how long you have had the policy, how much you were paying in premiums and how many policies you have. These all combine to give a different total, hence your claim could be worth a lot more or less than the 'average payout' figure.

How long will it take to claim my money back?

Most cases take between eight to 12 weeks to resolve but again, this will vary depending on the lender, the complexity of your claim and so on.

Is PPI compensation not automatic?

No it isn't because although it was a policy that was mis-sold on a huge scale, it does not necessarily mean that it was mis-sold to you. Although there are no guarantees, the vast majority of claims are successful.

How do I know if I have a valid claim?

All it takes is one phone call to Scottish PPI Claims: 01698 642013