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Think you know about PPI…?

04 July 2016

Test your knowledge and see if you do know everything about PPI compensation and how to claim your money back.

A claim management company specialising in PPI will know how much you are owed?

YES, it is what they do, after all
NO, no one can access this information other than you

Which did you choose?

Many people have received texts from various courses purporting to know how much PPI compensation they are owed. To make their claim look more realistic, the sender will often give an accurate nut non-rounded figure. So instead of giving a precise figure such as £2,500, they will tell you that you are owned £3,739.83p. This gives the impression of being a genuine and calculated total, personal to you.

BUT IT IS NOT.It is a text sent to hook and lure you in. No one knows how much PPI compensation you are owed, or if you even have a PPI policy or a claim for compensation unless you give a company the authorisation and instruction to act on your behalf.

There is a PPI deadline of 2018 which has been set. If you try to claim after this time, you will lose your money?

YES, this is true so I am starting my claim today
NO, it isn't true but I am making my claim anyway

Which did you choose?

There has been a lot of talk since the latter months of 2015 that there could be a PPI deadline imposed soon and that the end of summer 2018 but make a good deadline. This would give people around two years within which time to make their claim.

BUT, NO DEADLINE HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED YET.It is important to understand that the Financial Conduct Authority are consulting with the Treasury, consumer groups and the financial sector about when and how to impose the deadline, if at all.

The outlook seems to be that there will be a deadline but as to when this is, there are no firm details as yet.

There are…

… not many PPI claims left to be made, most people are enjoying their PPI compensation?
… only a fraction of claims have been made?

It may surprise you to learn that according to experts such as Paul Lewis from Paul Lewis Money that only 40% of people entitled to make a claim for PPI compensation have done so, leaving a staggering 60% yet to make a claim for cash that is rightfully theirs.

Are you one of them? Start your claim with Scottish PPI Claims today.