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Why Claiming PPI Compensation is Important…

24 November 2014

There are many reasons why people don't claim PPI compensation, from not knowing they are entitled to claim through to misunderstanding their rights. But, here at Scottish PPI Claims, we think it is very important to claim back every penny of your money and here's why…

The mis-sale of PPI has revolutionised the banking industry

As the saying goes, 'every cloud has a silver lining' and although thousands of people have been affected by this scandal, it has created a whole new 'atmosphere' in which the banking industry must now operate.

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When the mis-selling was first spotted by consumer organisations back in the mid-1990s, the banks were venomous in their denial that there were mis-selling to customers. To add insult to injury, when they were finally ordered to start repaying customers, they did not calculate the right amount - they simply 'made offers'. These offers were derisory and insulting.

It is a way of making your voice heard!

There are thousands of other voices who are demanding an end to the way banks do business, assuming that they know what is best for customers and carrying on regardless with practices that are illegal and unwarranted. You only have to look at the recent concerns over current account 'packages' and the hug fines imposed on UK banks regarding the fixing of interest rates (known as LIBOR).

But, it is not just the 'ordinary' customer who is now standing up the banks but consumer organisations, the Financial Services Ombudsman along with the Financial Conduct Authority are all vocal in their criticism of the banking industry.

It is your money. It is your consumer right.

If you bought a product and it didn't work, what would you do? Maybe you would do nothing and throw it away, muttering that it was a waste of money OR, you may feel incensed enough to take it back to the shop, asking for a replacement or your money back.

Many people thought that these types of consumer rights only applied to goods bought and sold in shops or via online retailers; people now understand that these consumer rights apply to services and products they buy from banks. After all, getting a loan with a bank is a purchase…

If you have over-paid for a product that was not fit for purpose, then you should claim your money back!

Can Scottish PPI Claims help?

Yes we can and we have helped hundreds of people to claim back their money! All you need to do is call us, talk through your potential case (or cases - you may have more than one account with PPI on it!) and, when you have signed forms giving us permission to act on your behalf, we can then start to make your case… you could have a cheque within weeks!