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Why It Is Important You Check for PPI

17 July 2017

The PPI mis-selling scandal has been shrouded in doubt and confusing. The immense scale of the mis-selling has caught everyone by surprise so much so, that many of us still think that it is too good to be true.

Many people think that PPI compensation is something claimed for and due to everyone else but them.

But there is a problem with this. PPI was mis-sold so people in all kinds of ways and that means that many people are unaware of what mis-selling actually is. This is why we urge everyone to check their loan accounts, credit cards, catalogue accounts, store cards, car finance deals, mortgages and more to check for this insurance product.


First on the list is the name the product may have been given. Payment protection insurance, or PPI, is a generic term. Some banks and lenders will have called their product by this name but for others, they will have given it a 'brand name'.

This may be something like 'card care' or 'sickness insurance', or similar. Look for any additional product that says it will make repayments on your loan if you are unable to do so for reasons of ill health or because you lose your job.

This may not be listed separately but part of your 'package'. This is still mis-selling because you don't have to buy insurance or any other product alongside a loan and so if you were told you couldn't have the loan, credit card etc. without the insurance policy too, this is mis-selling.


… and you may not know about it.

Critics of the August 2019 PPI deadline highlight that just under half of the people who have a claim for PPI compensation have done so. That leaves a lot of people potentially out of pocket,

One of the reasons why people are not claiming PPI is could be because they are not aware that they have a PPI policy or policies.

This is because there are many, many cases of banks and lenders adding PPI after the initial sale of the loan, credit card etc. They may have phoned you and told you what a great product it was or wrote to you, informing you it had been added to your account to make it better.

There are cases of customers discovering PPI on their accounts that they never knew they had. Are you one of them?

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