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Your Options for Claiming PPI Compensation

16 July 2018

Payment protection insurance (PPI) has become the thorn in the side of most banks and lenders in the UK. Customers who were mis-sold PPI can claim back every penny of their money back - and that means claiming back;

  • premiums paid
  • costs and fees
  • interest
  • and in many cases, commission paid to the broker where this was more than half the cost of the loan

So what are your options when it comes to claiming back PPI premiums?


There are two options:

1. Do it yourself

The DIY approach has worked for many people, with successful claimants receiving their PPI compensation cheques within a few weeks.

This approach works if you can clearly see that there is PPI on your account and the reasons for mis-selling are straightforward.

This approach is also successful when the financial company in question has contacted customers 'inviting' them to make PPI compensation claims.

Straightforward claims should take between 8 to 12 weeks to be successfully resolved and, with many 'letters of complaints' templates available across the web, if you think your claim can be quickly and easily resolved, this may be the option for you.

2. Claims management companies such as PPI Scotland

For a fee, a claims management company can make the claim for PPI compensation on your behalf.

Although there is criticism of claims management companies in the media, they can be a useful source of PPI help for many customers;

i. Customers with complex financial affairs, usually people who have high levels of debt, are not confident in approaching banks or lenders about their accounts

ii. People who have a multitude of accounts with PPI on them can sometimes be overwhelmed by the thought of writing several letters to a multitude of financial institutions

iii. Many people use claims management companies like Scottish PPI Claims when there are large amounts of potential PPI compensation at stake

How can Scottish PPI Claims help you?

We work with customers across Scotland to make claims for PPI compensation.

We work with people who have debt issues and complex situations when it comes to their accounts.

We also continue to work with customers who have had their compensation claim for PPI declined. For no additional charge, we will submit your PPI complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, asking them to resolve the issue once and for all.

Do you think you have a claim for PPI compensation? Why not contact Scottish PPI Claims to see how they can help you?