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We're proud to say that our claim payment protection Scotland success rate is second to none.  Our years of experience and expertise in dealing with PPI claims has helped many of our customers to win back the compensation that they are owed and to cancel this often useless insurance.

The problem started back in 2005 when PPI was first sold.  The banks realised that the huge profit margins this insurance commanded were great for business.  The banks, never one to miss a trick, started to sell more and more PPI products often by using tactics that were less than honest.  And so, the Financial Services Authority started to receive more and more complaints from consumers and so they decided to regulate the industry.

Now, the banks have to follow tight controls when it comes to selling payment protection insurance and that means ensuring customers are sold the right product to suit their needs and that they understand all aspects of this type of insurance.

We and the FSA Are On Your Side

Would you like thousands of pounds in your bank account simply by making a quick phone call?  This is what has happened to many of our customers over the years.  It only takes one call to get your claims process started and we are standing by to take that call right now.

Claim payment protection Scotland processes are all handled by our team on your behalf.  Whether you have one PPI policy or several we will review your individual case and tailor our services to suit your needs.  Our team will always keep you informed on the progress of your claim and any problems that spring up along the way.

From time to time we find that a case we took on cannot be resolved.  In these cases we will not charge you a penny.  We operate a genuine no win no fee policy. 

The good news is that we try to take on those cases that Scottish PPI Claims are absolutely confident of winning.  We don't like to waste your time or ours.  Speak to our team today to discuss your payment protection insurance payments and whether this insurance has been missold to you.