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Have You Been The Victim of Missale of PPI in Scotland?

If you have reached this page then you might be wondering whether you have been missold PPI.  If you have then you have a very strong case to make a claim.  Over the years we have assisted many of our customers with their PPI claims and we have a very good track record in claiming back hundreds and even thousands of pounds.

We take your claim very seriously and because our claims experts have years of experience we can hit the ground running and take on your bank straight away.  We will handle all the paperwork and phone calls on your behalf and if we are unsuccessful with your claim you will not owe us a single penny. 

We offer our service across Scotland and we would be delighted to hear from you if you believe you have a claim.  If you are not sure if you have a good case, we can take a look over your paperwork for you to see if PPI has been missold. 

We Take on The High Street Banks

Most of the high street banks have been found guilty of mis-selling PPI to their customers and now it is time for them to face the music.  Lloyds and Barclays are two of the big names to have been the worst and both banks have set aside billions in preparation for the compensation claims heading their way.

We have an excellent reputation for winning claims for our customers and we would welcome your claim too.  We take care of all the hard work and allow you to get on with life whilst we settle your claim for you.  Our average claim is £4000 and we have claimed much more than that.  If you have been paying PPI for months or years then you could entitled to a large lump sum payment.  Think what you could do with that money.

It's easy to claim back for the missale of PPI in Scotland and Scottish PPI Claims can take care of everything for you.  Our claims process is quick and we will also deal with any disputes if the bank raises a problem.  Of course, there are times when claims are unsuccessful and if this is the case with your claim we will not charge you a single penny.