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If you are thinking about making a Scottish PPI claim, read on.  Scottish PPI Claims have years of experience in dealing with PPI Claims in Scotland and would be delighted to uncover the truth about your PPI policy and how much you could stand to claim back.

The average compensation claim we win for our customers is £4000.  Imagine what that money could do for you. It's an unexpected sum and one that comes in very handy for our customers.

Why should you sit back and let the banks help themselves to your money.  They are guilty of mis-selling this insurance to you and it's time to make a stand by starting a PPI claim.  We handle everything for you and all you need to do is supply us with the details of your policies.  We can even help if you are not sure whether you are paying PPI or not.  Contact our expert team today to get started.

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We would be delighted to help you if you believe you have the right to make a claim.  Over the years we have helped many customers to fight back against the greedy banks who have so wrongfully taken their customers' money. 

Many policies were sold to customers without them knowing what the policy was for and many customers were also told that this type of insurance was compulsory.  Some policies were sold to customers who the banks knew had no chance of making a claim.  It is these shady tactics that caused the Financial Services Authority to take notice and do something. 

We have the full backing of the FSA and have the expertise and experience to get your claim settled as quickly as possible.  Many claims are settled in full within 8 weeks and we will push for your claim to be settled quicker.  We also push for 100% of the compensation owing to you and we are always upfront about our fee. 

If we are unsuccessful with your PPI claim you will not owe us a penny.  The good news is that our team is very good at handling PPI claims in Scotland and therefore you can expect to receive a cheque for compensation in a matter of weeks if you have a good case. 

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