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PPI Complaints in Scotland on the Rise

More and more people are starting to make PPI complaints in Scotland.  They know that they have been ripped off by their bank and are now taking a stand to get their money back.

Since 2005, the banks have been selling payment protection insurance to their customers and many of these customers have fallen prey to the many mis-selling tactics that were in operation back then and in the days leading up to now.  Thankfully, the Financial Services Authority has started to take notice of the PPI complaints in Scotland and has now made it compulsory for the banks to take all PPI claims seriously.

Whether you are paying payment protection insurance on your mortgage, your personal loan or your credit card, we can look into these payments for you to see if you have a right to make a claim.  Over the years, we have assisted many of our customers with their PPI claims and this has netted them thousands of pounds in many instances.

Let Us Handle Your PPI Claim For You

You may have been told that you can make a PPI claim for yourself.  However, the process is quite long-winded and time consuming and can take weeks to reach a conclusion.  Also, the banks know that you may not have access to all the information you need if they dispute your claim.  We on the other hand know how the banks may try to wriggle out of paying compensation and we have years of experience in dealing with PPI disputes.

If you would like us to handle your PPI complaints in Scotland for you we would be delighted to assist.  We have the expertise and knowledge to get started right away and to claim back the maximum amount of compensation for you.  Depending on your situation and the amount of PPI you have paid, you could also be entitled to interest payments.

Join the thousands of have claimed back PPI across Scotland and the UK.  The FSA is on your side and we will handle everything on your behalf.  We operate a no win no fee promise and that means you won't owe us a penny if your claim is unsuccessful. 

Don't delay your claim.  Speak to our claims advisors today to challenge your bank and claim back what is rightfully yours.