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PPI Reclaim in Scotland - Claiming Back What Is Yours

Did you know that the high street banks have set aside billions so that they can pay PPI compensation claims?  Thousands have made a PPI reclaim in Scotland and you could do the same.  Payment protection insurance isn't compulsory when taking out a financial product, but many customers have been told this.  These lies were told to simply boost the profits of the banks and make their bonuses bigger. 

We are here to tell you that you don't have to put up with this behaviour.   In fact, we can help you to take a stand against the banks and to claim back what is rightfully yours.  That could amount to thousands of pounds if you have been paying huge PPI sums or you have been paying these premiums over a long period of time. 

Our claims advisors are standing by to assist and you could have your claim settled in a matter of weeks.  We handle everything on your behalf and will ensure that you are kept informed of the progress of your claim every step of the way.

Your Claim Could Net You Thousands

We have sent out many cheques totalling £4000 or more.  This is the average sum of money we win for our customers and we could do the same for you.  Whether you have been paying PPI for years or months we can make a claim on your behalf to get that money back.

It's worth noting that not all claims are valid, but one call to our team will ascertain whether you have a good reason to claim or not.  If you were told that PPI was compulsory or you were not told it was included on your agreement then you most definitely have reason to make a claim.  Many bank workers told their customers blatant lies or ticked the PPI box on their forms for them without their knowledge. 

Now we are helping customers to reclaim PPI in Scotland and to get back the money that was wrongfully taken from them.  The banks know they were in the wrong and the Financial Services Authority is now ordering the banks to take a look into any PPI claim that comes their way. 

We are fully committed to winning you 100% of the compensation owing to you.  Give our team a call today to find out more.