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Reclaim PPI in Scotland and Claim Back Thousands

When it comes to making a reclaim for PPI in Scotland nobody does it better than our team.  Our years of experience and tenacious attitude ensure that you get the maximum pay out in the shortest amount of time.

Whether you are paying PPI against your mortgage, credit card or a personal loan we can make a claim on your behalf to ensure you get your money back if this insurance has been missold.  You might be wondering whether you were missold payment protection insurance and one look at your policy can usually tell us whether you were or it was a legitimate sale.

Beating the Banks At Their Own Game

The Financial Services Authority is on the side of the consumer and has ordered all banks involved in the mis-selling of PPI to look into all claims seriously.  We will put forward a claim on your behalf and challenge the banks to pay you back your money.  We have the experience and expertise to also challenge any dispute that the bank puts up.

There are of course cases when a genuine sale of PPI was made and in these cases we will have to accept the bank's decision - not all PPI policies were missold.  However, in these instances we will not charge you a penny if your claim is not successful. 

Speak to our team today to find out more about making a PPI reclaim in Scotland.  We would be delighted to kick the process off for you and our team will always keep you informed as to what is happening with your claim. 

We have been successful in claiming back thousands of pounds for our customers and this is a very realistic outcome.  Take a look at your statements and insurance policies today to see if you have been paying PPI without your knowledge or when you thought you had no choice.  The FSA suspects there are currently 2 million live PPI policies in the UK and that a vast majority of these have been missold.

Speak to our team today to get started.  All it takes is one phone call and it could net you thousands of pounds in compensation.  You have nothing to lose by calling us, but a lot to gain if you do.