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What is PPI Scotland?

PPI stands for Payment Protection Insurance.

Payment Protection Insurance is an insurance policy that was sold by the banks and main lenders with financial products like loans, credit cards and mortgages.

The insurance was to cover the policy holder's repayments if they were unable to make the payments as a result of sickness or unemployment.

PPI has been widely sold by the banks and main lenders from the late 1980's.

Why PPI Can be Claimed Back

PPI can be claimed back because many of the policies were mis-sold by the banks and main lenders.

Some of the ways PPI was mis-sold include:

  • Many customers were told PPI was compulsory
  • Often PPI was added to a policy without the policy holder's knowledge
  • Often customers were told they would have a better chance of being accepted for their loan, credit card or mortgage if they took out PPI
  • Often PPI wasn't explained properly to the client and little account was taken in relation to the customers personal circumstances.
  • Often the policy was sold to clients who didn't need the cover, for example, they already had unemployment cover; they were part of a compulsory sickness scheme; or they were over 65 or under 18.

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